Adoption Investigation Newspaper

Adoption Investigation Newspaper

Wide open Adoption: An Increasing Phenomena on the Usa During the last some years, the technique of the American citizen family group has underwent a major alteration, showing modern culture is increasing openness. Among all sectors of modern society, you will discover a greater popularity of several different loved ones structures ?C from individual parenting to blended families to comparable sexual activity parenting of kids. The growth of openness into the...


Embedded & Software

SANARIS TECHNOLOGIES Embedded & Software Team is currently working on the design & development of following product solutions.

Embedded Products

  • Smart Wearable Devices for EEG Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Meter
  • Vehicle Tracking system

Software Simulators

  • NanoCYm – Nanoelectronic devices & Circuit Simulator

IP Solutions

SANARIS TECHNOLOGIES VLSI Team is currently working on the design & development of following IP Solutions.
  • 1D/2D/3D DWT-IDWT architecture
  • Fixed point-floating point multipliers
  • High speed ADC-DAC
  • CNTFET based error coding architectures

E – Learning

SANARIS TECHNOLOGIES E-learning team is currently working on the following e-learning products & services
  • Online Simulators
    • Real time virtual lab
    • Aaron online simulator
  • E-books
    • Electronic product design
    • DWT-IDWT architectures
    • Embedded systems design
    • Electronic product design

Who we are

We are a specialist electronic product design company working for clients both big and small. We provide everything from simple circuit board design to complete product design and software development, with our quality of service and wide ranging experience having placed us as one of the leaders in this specialist field. Our clients range from those who use us as their entire engineering department to those who use us on demand to supplement their existing in house facilities. Many of our ...