Sl. No. Lab Ongoing Projects
01 Brain Computer Interface Lab
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection
  • Smart Gadget for Monitoring Physically Challenged Persons
  • Emotion detection and classification
  • Epilepsy Detection
  • Smart systems for driving licenses
02 Underwater Sensors & Navigation
  • Direction of Arrival
  • Pressure Sensors
03 Visual Information Processing Lab
  • Underwater Imaging Algorithms
  • Bioinspired Model for Object Detection & Tracking for underwater navigation
  • Underwater image acquisition modules
04 Smart Systems Lab
  • Smart gadgets for BCI acquisition
  • Underwater sensor nodes Quad Copter Design
05 System on Chip Lab
  • BCI signal processing
  • FPGAs for image processing
  • Data converters design
  • Bioinspired models for autonomous navigation
06 Nano-biosensors Lab
  • Biosensors for cancer detection
  • CNT based glucose sensors
  • Underwater pressure sensors
07 Real Time Virtual Lab
  • Real time virtual lab
  • VLSI design lab
  • E-learning lab
08 VLSI and Nano Design Simulators
  • Advanced GUI for VLSI Design
  • Nanodevice simulator
  • Virtual VLSI lab
09 3D Printing Lab Lungar Monkey Design
10 Micro Vehicle Lab Quad rotor, underwater vehicle, robotic fish